Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Yay! Cidell nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. I'd nominate her right back if I could. When I first discovered her blog, it was clear we are two peas in the same pod. Maybe one day we'll meet in person; I'm imagining someplace fab, like NYC.

As I was scanning my blog list for more nominations, I realized that the majority of blogs I read are written by females. And every single one rocks. So I identified a few crafty ladies who I don't think have been nominated yet. I'm not sure every single one reads this blog, but here goes:

lupinbunny - She does it all - she's a graduate student, she knits, she sews, and she gardens. One of my fave pieces that she's done is this funnel-neck dress which looks super fashiony.

AfricanKelli - In addition to being a total DIY girl, she has the most awesome job in the world which lets me travel vicariously through her. For example, I loved her post today about taking one for the team - eating meat as a vegetarian.

Geek Sewing - This girl isn't wasting her time wishing for English translations of sewing instructions, she is tackling the Japanese publication Mrs StyleBook head on. Way more advanced than the Big 4, MSB requires you to draft your own sloper first; check out the great blouse she created using her basic sloper pattern.

Nibbles & Bytes - She sews and she knits, and everything turns out amazing. I am still in awe of this mohair sweater that she knit - and it's her own design.

Sharon Sews - Sharon has sewn *a lot* of garments in her life! She has a great sense of humor, and her Flashback Fridays are reason enough to visit her blog; this is one of my faves.

(Ladies: Don't feel obligated to pass this on, I know sometimes it annoying to have to get into these "pyramid" things... Just wanted to call attention to your great sites!)


Geek Sewing said...

Awww! Christina, thanks!

Sharon Sews said...

Wow! I'm honored! Drat, now I have to keep up with my Flashback Fridays, j/k - I have so many stories and photos I could post for years. Glad you enjoy them!