Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sewing under pressure

Sewing under pressure... time pressure, that is. Don't we all do that once in a while?

On Saturday I am attending a memorial service. I looked through my closet for something black that would be appropriate to wear. All my black stuff is either too casual (knits, starting to pill), or best saved for the next girls' night out. So, of course my next thought was to sew something. I chose blouse 117 from the August 2007 issue of Burda World of Fashion. It will look nice with my black gabardine pencil skirt, and it's already got 2 great reviews on Pattern Review.

original (08-2007-117) sleeve pattern piece, and my new sleeve pattern (from 09-2005-109)

I did whip up a muslin of the bodice and I was really impressed with how it fit - it's definitely form-fitting, but it's very flattering. The two reviews on PR noted that the shoulders were wide, and indeed the sleeve pattern is not very curvy, as is usually seen in dropped shoulders. I hate it when my shoulder seams are even bordering on too wide, so I decided to use another armscye and sleeve pattern. That turned out to be easier said than done, and we have yet to see how it turns out. I just grabbed an old issue of BWOF and found a blouse pattern that had the measurements of a "normal" shoulder width, then morphed them together. Cross your fingers!

Above are the two bodice fronts, one has the pleats pinned and the other is pre-pleating.

Well, you know what I am doing Friday night!


Maja said...

I am another sewing under pressure person(:Almost all of my creations are made in that way:you know when I need to go somewhere I realize I don't have what to wear and the mission starts!I am happy cause I love sewing!

renee said...

That's going to be very nice and a good tribute to how much you care about the person if you're whipping something up for the service.

I had no idea that shirt pattern would prove as popular as it is.
I love Friday nights for sewing! but, I have company this weekend so everything is getting shoved behind closed doors.

Good luck!

Geek Sewing said...

The curves on the sleeve and armscye look really good. I hope it turns out well, too!

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic so far!

Linda said...

Did you notice on the photo of the blouse from Burda that there is a pleat folded out around the neckline just under the collar? The sleeve pattern you show that goes with this blouse suggests that the blouse should have a dropped sleeve. And that explains why the shoulder seam is so wide. Funny how the the line drawing doesn't show the pleat around the neck. Instead it looks like a blouse with a high set-in sleeve.

I think that someone realized that the shirt would look better with the armhole sleeve up on the shoulder and not dropped. So they photographed it that way. But they didn't change the pattern.

I want to make this pattern too. I'll definitely use your fix to get that nice sleeve and shoulder seam.

The Wannabe said...

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ps; i'm interested in seeing how it turns out! I sew the occassional dress, but I have yet to tackle anything that must be durable for more than 5 hours. Good luck!

See you around!

Tamara said...

I only know how to sew under pressure. I am constantly up until 2 AM the night before or sewing on a button or finishing the hem as I walk out the door.

I love your shirt pattern. I am looking forward to seeing it on you. I am really impressed that you changed the sleeve.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Sewing under pressure always tests your mettle and for me how much I can actually remember and incorporate into the garment. Because invariably there is crisis occurs because of "the pressure!" I can't wait to see how your blouse turns far, so good!

carolyndh said...

Summerset just made this shirt-she posted about it on pins and needles. I love this style.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just copied out this Blouse and I would like to know which older BWOF Blouse Pattern you used to alter the Armholes. Do you remember that? It would save me time searching on my own + I do not have you experience in sewing to find a good alternative. Thanks!

Christina said...

Magda - I used Burda magazine 9-2005-109