Friday, April 11, 2008


I was given the “E for Excellent” blog award by Sigrid, Nancy, and Berry. Thanks you guys! I am a big fan of each of their blogs too. If you are not already reading them, go visit now!

I think this “E” award has been around the blog circuit for a while, so I’ll mention just a few sewing blogs that are new-ish or I just think you need to know about:

Sewable - Geri has awesome design skills and a great sense of style.
Loohoo Originals - I had the pleasure of meeting Leslie last month at PR Weekend in LA and I’m thrilled she started a blog.
Tessuti - Colette has the life most of us dream of as the owner of a fabric store; her customers' garments featured in her blog are so inspiring.


I am out of town for the weekend to attend a family event on the east coat. If things go right, I might have a little surprise to share with you!


Leslie said...

Christina I had no idea you hadn't received the E award yet, I should have passed it along as well! You deserve it. :-) Enjoy your trip and don't keep us in suspense too long!

Cennetta said...

Hi Christina, I nominated you as well. You deserve it :-) Congratulations!

Tany said...

Congratulations Christina!!!

ceregana said...

Congratulations! I really love your blog! I actually nominated all my blogroll and you in this way too!And thanks for being so supportive, this is incredibly kind of you.