Thursday, April 26, 2007

Paper Pursuits

I just discovered a great online vintage fashion resource - Paper Pursuits: Fashion & design print collectibles. This site sells vintage fashion magazines, advertisements, and designer sewing patterns. If you already know of this site, sorry, I just stumbled into it and got pretty excited!

The pattern collection is just to die for! Warning: the prices may trigger that cardiac arrest (if you're used to shopping for vintage pattterns on Ebay or Lanetz Living, like me). I love the As Seen In... page, where there is a side-by-side view of the sewing pattern and the designer garment in a "current" magazine.

I browsed the magazines; some of the individual issues allow you to view a selection of pages inside. I think a great birthday gift idea would be to give someone a magazine from the month and year of their birth.

Overall, this website is easy to navigate and has great image quality - features that are unfortunately not so common in some of the other online vintage fashion resources I've visited.


LMH said...

Do you know about So Vintage? They have good stuff too--but the prices are also high. Still, nice stuff & not everything shows up on Ebay. Plus you get 10% on further purchases, which helps--if only a little!

christina said...

Thanks for letting me know about So Vintage ( They've got a well edited selection of patterns; it's so nice to not have to sort through a bunch of boring stuff. Makes it all the more tempting :)