Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fashion apps for the iPhone

I just tried searching for “sewing” in the iTunes app store, and I got one hit that’s totally unrelated to sewing. Bummer. I’m trying to think of something useful that would be easy to write. A pattern or fabric stash manager, maybe?

Anyway, then I searched for “fashion” and I found a couple apps that I love, and both are free:

The PR people at Chanel rock! Who would have thought that a century-old Parisian fashion house that shuns sewing machines and prides itself on handwork (in the couture workrooms anyway) would develop an application for the iPhone? These people know exactly what a fashionista carries in her purse, apparently.

This is the main menu, you have the option of watching a short video, a slideshow (currently they’re showing the Paris-Moscow show), catching up on Chanel news, or locating a Chanel store. The best feature, IMO, is the slideshow: Looks and Accessories.

You scroll through the looks (major eye candy), and the cool thing is when you rotate your phone 90 degrees, you get detail shots for that look! Love. And it's very easy to share the pictures via email.

You already know that is the source for checking out looks from current and past runway shows. Now you can access the latest shows when you are on the go, too.

The main menu will take you to pictures from various socialite/celebrity parties, fashion slideshows and videos, and their StyleFile blog.

Currently the Spring 2009 shows are available and it seems like most every designer is listed. You can read a little summary for the show and scroll through each look (no detail shots like the Chanel app, though). Every once in a while you get an advertisement, just like the website.

The StyleFile blog has several contributors and is kind of entertaining.

I hope there's gonna be more where these came from!


cidell said...

Please stop making me want an iPhone.

Leslie said...

I love that app! It's really designed well. I had no idea there was one just for Chanel though, thanks!

Meg said...

Fun, especially Chanel. Would you believe I was one of the first people in the US to own a cell phone? (I worked in the industry.) Now I barely use my cell at all (live close to my office).

Dei said...

I don't own an iPhone, but what a toy! What cool apps!

C. Dishmont said...

ROAR ROAR!!!! I want an iPhone!!!! ROAR!!!

Johanna Lu said...

OMG this is so cool! Another Iphone craver checking in here. Darn that they have to be so pricey here in Sweden

Nancy Winningham said...

Thanks for the tips on the iphone aps. I'm going to check them out right after dinner!

Anonymous said...

Thks - I to will download them. I also save the line drawings from the Burda WOF site for the patterns I like- so many of them :-) I add text to the image. ie. fabric type, amount, etc. Then save this to my iPod photo library. Great to have when fabric shopping. Good memory jogger and also saves you money buying the right fabric quantities.

Tia M said...

Excellent post. I love the Chanel app. I just found a fashion app called ShopStyle that is really great. You can check out a review of it over at Here's a link:

Augustine said...

Wow...I learned something!