Monday, June 2, 2008

SATC and meme

mademoisellechitchat asked what I thought of the Sex and the City movie. I loved it! While it was somewhat predictable, I absolutely enjoyed the story. I laughed a lot and even shed a few tears. Oh, and I have developed an obsession with one of Carrie's outfits…

Does anyone know of a website that credits the designers of all the apparel worn in the movie? Or even a site that has a lot of stills from the movie? I want to get a good picture of the dress that Carrie wore to Charlotte's baby shower near the end of the movie. It was an aqua blue fitted sheath dress, with super long, kimono-like split sleeves that were sheer, probably chiffon. I'd love to make a copy of that. Although I'd probably wear it during an evening of cocktails and not to a baby shower!


Since I didn't get any sewing done this weekend, how timely that Gwen tagged me for the latest meme so I have something to write about...

What was I doing 10 years ago
In June 1998, I was a college student just about to finish an academic year abroad in Uppsala, Sweden, with a summer of travel & relaxation ahead before returning to the States. Those were the days!

5 things on my to-do list today
Today is Monday so the job takes up most of my day, but besides that...
Go to my new cross-training class
Go to the grocery store
Catch up on blogs

Snacks I enjoy
Cheese, nuts, fruit, chocolate

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Invest it so it lasts forever!
Set up my parents so my dad could retire early.
Buy a 2nd home in Manhattan and a 3rd home in Barcelona.
Quit my job, but I'd stay involved in public health through volunteer activities, especially with international organizations.
*sigh* I could go on, but I'll spare you…

Places I have lived
Here they are in chronological order. I think I might have missed one though, I was young and my memory is hazy!
Stuttgart, Germany
Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Bremerhaven, Germany
Colorado Springs, Colorado
El Paso, Texas
Dorn-Dürkheim, Germany
Colorado Springs, Colorado (again)
Boulder, Colorado
Uppsala, Sweden
Boulder, Colorado (again)
Seattle, Washington
Can you tell I was an Army brat? My mom is German and my dad is from Colorado so many of these places were "home" to me/us.

Jobs I have had
In somewhat chronological order:
Customer service at a newspaper
Customer service person at a miniature golf/bumper boats/video game "fun park"
Customer service at Mervyn's department store
Salesperson at small women's/children's apparel shop
Research assistant in an archeology lab
Research assistant in a molecular biology lab
Office worker via a temp agency
Research assistant at cancer research center
Epidemiologist (just a fancy name for a person who studies health & disease in the human population)

6 peeps I wanna know more about
I am behind on reading blogs, I don't know who has already been tagged, but here goes. Play along if you'd like, and I won't take it personally if you don't :)



Erica Bunker said...

I'm such an obsessed fan that I bought the movie book. If it's a particular outfit you want, just email me and I'll scan it for you because they are all in there.

Anonymous said...

I found a reference to it:

says the designer is Patricia Fields. Hope that is the one since I haven't seen the movie yet.

Good luck

Gwen said...

Hey Christina! Thanks so much for playing! It must be cool to have lived in so many different countries... Even if it wasn't always fun at the time, I bet it gives you a much different "take" on the world now, compared to those of us who have always lived in the U.S.

Adriana B. said...

I'd love to see the movie too! For me, SATC is just as iconic a show as "Friends." Glad you enjoyed it!I am going to Boulder this Saturday for a day trip, it is such an interesting, albeit small-ish town.

cidell said...

Har. Har. Ok. One of our sister cities is Bremerhaven and someday I'll have to tell you why even the sight of that city name gives me hives.