Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Vogue 8436 sleeve

Margaret asked about the sleeve redraft for the Vogue 8436 jacket; I thought it would be easiest and possibly helpful to others too if I just posted a picture of my altered pattern piece.

Above is the original sleeve pattern piece (>24" wide at hem) and cuff.

I made several slashes from the wrist up to the underarm and overlapped the slashes so the hem was about 17" wide, including seam allowances. I retraced the piece and got the sleeve you see below.

You can see the hem is a little more curvy now, and this is asymmetric. Also, instead of tracing a perfectly straight sleeve seam, I curved in just a tad because I thought I would like this look.

Another thing I didn't mention before is that I lengthened the cuff so the finished width is 2", and I shortened the sleeve to compensate for that.

Hope this helps!


Tany said...

You did a fabulous job altering the sleeve for this pattern! Thanks for sharing this info with us!