Thursday, August 2, 2007

a new addiction

Yesterday I had to recut the front bands for my BWOF blouse. I lengthened the bodice pattern pieces but I forgot to lengthen the front band pattern pieces. Ugh. Just one more thing to further slow down my snail-like sewing pace. Good thing I had plenty of fabric leftover.

Actually, the reason I haven't been doing much sewing this week is Lost Cities. Last weekend, my husband and I popped into a new game store that just opened up in our 'hood, Blue Highway Games. I had heard that Lost Cities was a good two-person game, so we purchased it. And now we are hooked. The strategies are quick to learn, and even when you lose you always feel as if you could make a comeback in the next round.
Anyway, I think I am going to decline all social invitations for Friday evening to stay home and finish up that blouse!


Anonymous said...

I get distracted by games sometimes too! It sounds like fun. Good luck working on the blouse today!

Anonymous said...

I should do the same thing, stay home and hem a blouse I am making!

I also get easily distracted by Animal Crossing on Game cube...

scormeny said...

I really like this game too! My beau and I can always kill a couple of hours at our local McMenamin's pub drinking beer and playing Lost Cities.

But don't let it take too much time away from your crafting, which I enjoy seeing too.