Saturday, July 7, 2007


Whenever I hear the word "Maui", I always think of the SATC episode where Aiden is trying to convince Carrie, who is freaked out about being engaged, that they should just run off and elope. He suggests Hawaii, and says something like "Let's get Maui-ed".

Our trip was great, it included all the things you'd expect: soaking up rays at the beach, hiking over lava rock, snorkeling with tropical fish, buying macadamia nuts for the friends back home, and quality time with Tim's parents which was really the purpose of the trip.

'Iao Needle

At the produce & craft market

Not so shy birds seeking dropped crumbs while we were sitting out on the lanai

Snorkeling pond surrounded by lava rock



renee said...

I miss that show. A lot. So pretty in Hawaii. Lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Sounds like you had a great time!!