Monday, June 4, 2007

Rayon jersey: Just can't get enough

So, I haven't sewn a stitch in the past 7 days, although I've been thinking about it often. On Memorial Day, I started on McCalls 5317. I am going to skip the bubble hem on the skirt and finish the skirt and sleeve hems with drawstrings. Still feeling the high from my Cosmopolitan dress success, I decided to forgo the muslin and dive straight into my fashion fabric, an olive rayon jersey that I got about a year ago for at the Pacific Fabric Outlet, I think I paid about $7/yard for a little over 2 yards.

Sorry for the grainy bathroom mirror shot! Haven't read up on how to use the camera timer.

The pattern calls for a self-lined bodice, just like I did for my Cosmopolitan dress, a technique that I really liked. The instructions tell you to apply seam binding to the neck edge of the bodice front in order to stay the neck edge. Like a good pupil, I followed those instructions. After basting in the sleeves, I tried on the bodice. Look. Do you see those wrinkles at the neckline? Do you see how the left side almost seems to turn outward? That is because of the seam binding! I've been reading in a few different places about finishing this type of neckline with elastic, so why didn't I think of this sage advice earlier instead of following the directions like a zombie? Live and learn. Anyway, I've decided I will remove the lining (and seam binding!) and finish the neckline with a binding like Cidell did on her latest Cosmo, that will allow the neckline to conform more to my chest.


dawn said...

Yeah, the trick with easing the neckline is to get that easing in the right place....down lower on your right front, I'd say. They told you to use seam binding? Like the polyester stuff? That seems unnecessarily heavy and wide. And, yes, elastic will work fine. Just put most of the stretch (tiny amount of stretch) towards the bottom half or third of the neckline. Are you still going to line the bodice? In any case, I like it a lot and it's going to be great!

Unknown said...

I've just discovered rayon jersey and am so in love with it. I made 2 simple, U-neck, t-shirts and they are just a dream to wear. So I ordered several more pieces from Denver fabrics and they came yesterday. I suspect it is best to use the simplest patterns possible but this is wonderful to wear.

So far I have washed my tops by hand but wonder if they can be tossed in the machine...