Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Special delivery

The internet is great, isn’t it? It allows us to expand our circle of friends to geographic reaches that would otherwise be improbable.

Snakes, Stitches, and other goodies

Through Pattern Review, I met Zaneta who lives in Australia. We got to talking about various things, including candy (of course!), and she was sweet enough to send to me a couple of her favorites! Also included were some lovely earrings that she made herself and a jar of that Australian treat, Vegemite. Of course, an exchange between sewing addicts wouldn’t be complete without something sewing-related, so she included a couple of Australian Stitches magazines. Thanks Zaneta! Now I’m looking forward to preparing a nice package in return.

Thanks, everyone, for your nice comments about my Hong Kong finish. Actually, one of the reasons I like to do these encased seam finishes is because I don’t have a serger. My sewing machine has a few mock overlock stitches, but it’s just not the same, so with a fabric as ravelly as linen, I really prefer finishes that will completely hide those raw edges.

I’d love to get a serger, but the issue for me is space. My sewing room is technically the guest bedroom, and not exactly spacious, so I like to keep things under control in case I have to pack everything up for visitors. Actually, my fantasy is to have a dedicated sewing space in the form of a Modern Shed studio in the backyard!

My own little atelier?

Wouldn’t that be awesome?! A girl can dream. Or, we could just finish the basement!


Jada said...

Thats a lovely dream!!

Tany said...

I can relate to you when speaking of lack of space, my sewing room (if I can call it that) is my dining room... I own a serger but two machines are my limit. My house is always a mess, as you may well imagine… Beautiful gifts, you are very lucky!!

renee said...

Now, why didn't I buy Stitches when I was in Australia last year? I love coming home to something in the mail. Today, it was Blueprint. Tomorrow, hopefully my Burda. As for sewing space, I finally had one after my roommate moved out. My computer and sewing machine used to live on the same table.

lupinbunny said...

ha! beat you all! my 'sewing room' is actually my study (i'm a post grad student) which is actually a desk in the loungeroom!

if i want to sew the files and laptop have to be moved for the machine, and vice versa when i need to learn again. and someone might be watching tv in the background the whole time.

Christina said...

Talk about a multi-purpose space... Well lupinbunny, it can only better from here (I hope!)

Anonymous said...

Wo, the sewing shed/atelier would be awesome!!! My sewing room is an extra bedroom that is dedicated just to crafts. The house had a rennovation recently - prior to that, the sewing machine used to be set up (and taken down after each use) at a table in the family room.
And working on clean seam finishes is good! It makes your more careful to detail and gives them another added personal touch. I envy you, haha.
After I finish a fashion history paper, I plan to go fabric shopping. Unlike most sewers, I do not have a "stash" so I just have tons of patterns that I want to make and no fabric to make them with! I think I need to start up a stash. I feel lonely without one!
Looking forward to your next projects! :)