Thursday, May 17, 2007

Say cheese

I fiddled with the bust darts on my Cosmopolitan dress last night and I got those looking okay, but that's all I managed to do sewing-wise. Still, I'm glad I got that done as the rest of the dress should be easy sailing.

If you love cheese and you are going to be in Seattle this weekend, make sure you hit up the 3rd Annual Seattle Cheese Festival which runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Pike Place Market! You will find booths from not only local cheesemakers, but many cheese importers as well, so you can find both American cheddar and French comte here.
Last year, Tim and I happened to go on Sunday, the last day of the event, which was quite fortuitous because many of the vendors were slashing their prices in order to get rid of all of their cheese and we got some amazing deals. So we are planning to go on Sunday again this year. Unfortunately there is a chance of rain on Sunday, but that won't stop us! I was kind of hoping to wear my new Cosmopolitan dress, but if it's rainy, I may have to go with the sailor pants instead.


Anonymous said...

As a Seattle native who moved away about 6.5 years ago, I have really been enjoying your blog. I am living in Seattle vicariously through you, although I admit I'm a bit jealous. Luckily, I still have family and friends in Seattle so I visit often. It actually might be a good thing I don't live there now - I would probably spend too much money at Nancy's Sewing Basket!

Christina said...

Karen, I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying the Seattle tidbits!

Ah, Nancy's. I happen to live about a 7 minute walk from that shop :) Quite handy when I need a some thread or a zipper, but it can also be quite dangerous...

renee said...

You make we want to visit Seattle. I would like to say that I once kept a block of cranberry cheddar at a friend's because I couldn't trust myself not to eat it all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a cheese festival! That sounds like so much fun!! You have no idea that amount of damage I can do to a wheel of brie in a short amount of time!!
In October on the island where my parents have a vacation home in southern NJ, they have a "Chowderfest weekend" with a huge tent sale of all the boutiques' stock that is left at the end of the season (with great prices on designer clothing too!) and then a day of red and white chowder (and beer - but I don't like beer or chowder - but the atmosphere is fun!)
But cheese - I love cheese!

Have fun!!