Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It's all in the details

I've noticed a few design details lately that have got my head whirring with ideas…

Drawstring hems

Featured in the June 2007 Lucky magazine

A great little touch for your voluminous dresses or tops.

Twisted binding

An example of a gently twisted neck binding on a knit top that I got during January's post-holiday sales

Liana of Sew Intriguing provided a tutorial on how to create twisted binding (i.e. at necklines, armholes). This had always confounded me when I saw it in RTW, but her instructions are very clear and actually make it seem easy.

Innovative stripes

Development button front Japanese stripe blouse, $237, available at Le Train Bleu

Ann of Gorgeous Things has an article in the latest Threads issue (No 131, June/July 2007) on getting creative with grainlines.

Cidell of Miss Celie's Pants has already put this article to good use.

Remember that Threads is currently hosting their annual "Inspired by Threads" contest, the inspiration must be found somewhere in issues 126-131 (so Ann's article counts), entries are due July 10.


renee said...

I have got to resubscribe to Lucky. There's a bubble version of the simplcity knit dress I did that I think would look very cool at the bottom with a drawstring.

Anonymous said...

I could totally see you in either of those dresses. Very cute.

Unknown said...

I stumbled across your blog when searching for Vogue 8229, and I absolutely *LOVE* it! I am more of a quilter/knitter/crocheter, but I am going to start making some dresses and your site is such an inspiration!

Liana said...

Thanks for the mention of Sew Intriguing! Glad you liked the Twisted Binding. It is really easy.