Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cosmopolitan is complete

Me and the Cosmopolitan heading out for dinner together
I finished the hem just in time on Saturday evening, then I immediately had to jump in the shower and head out to a dinner with friends where the Cosmo made it's official debut.

I like that this style easily lends itself to design changes in the neckline & sleeves. It's a classic style that will be wearable for years to come. The body skimming style is very flattering.

A little wrinkly at the end of the night
Fashion fabric: Mid-weight rayon/lycra jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics, $12/yd, I used about 2.5 yards, for a cost of ~ $30

Interfacing: Pro-tricot fusible from Sew Exciting
Alterations/design changes
Bodice: I outlined my bodice changes in a previous post.

Sleeves: I drafted an armband to fit just above my elbow, and I shortened the sleeve pattern piece and widened it 1'' on either side so I could gather them onto the armband. If I were to do this again, I would make them even wider at the bottom for fuller bell effect.
Hem: I finished the hem invisibly by fusing a 1.5'' wide strip of interfacing just above the hemline, then I turned up the hem and sewed the hem to the interfacing with a catchstitch.
Will there be a 'next time'?
Absolutely! You can't help but feel like a million dollars in this dress.


renee said...

I am 100 PERCENT IN LOVE WITH THIS. Yes, I know I'm shouting, but that's how fantastic I think it is. Girl! I want to go home right now and redraft my pattern to steal this look.

Erica Bunker said...

OMG! It looks so good! That color is fabulous on you! I hope when you put that on, you went some where great to show it off!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! I love the color on you too - it's perfect.

Tany said...

Beautiful! Love the color on you too!

Linda said...

You look like a million dollars in that dress. I have loved every dress that everybody has made from this pattern. I am just going to have to whip one up soon!

Anonymous said...

The dress looks fantastic! g

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful on you! You did a wonderful job!! Hope you had fun when you debuted it!!!

Stephanie said...

I love this! The dress is gorgeous. You did a really good job.

dawn said...

You did a great's so flattering on you and I bet you'll wear it often.

Unknown said...

That looks beautiful on you! I've been trying to decide if I wanted to buy this pattern or not, but you've convinced me! said...

Your dress looks really great! And I really like what you did with the sleeves--a big improvement over the original.

loopylulu said...

i love how this looks on you! it looks soo well made!!! ugg, just adding more fodder to my need to go out and buy this pattern!
lovely lovely!!

Anonymous said...
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