Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Vogue pattern sale

The new Vogue summer patterns have been released. I am still working through the spring patterns I purchased! Fortunately there are only a couple that I'm interested in:

Vogue 8380 looks like a fun dress, plus it's classified as 'very easy' - I like that.

Vogue 8379 is just right for your DVF knock-off.

I'm not planning to buy this, but Vogue 8392 (the view A neck with the view C sleeves) immediately reminded me of a tiered silk blouse by one of my favorite designers, 3.1 Phillip Lim (available at Neiman Marcus).


Anonymous said...

Hi Christina!!

I love this pattern and you pointing it our in the RTW..I really like the yellow top. I saw a dress like this in our Myer department store it had an empire finish and on the collar it had band loop like you see on waist pants on one side of the neckline and a button sewn on top of the band I wish I had a photo..
thanks for all your pattern suggestions..I love them all

Speak to you soon


Unknown said...

I started the green version of 8380 and be warned that it is VERY VERY LOW IN THE FRONT. *koff koff* I am going to try to salvage what I have made (thank goodness for cheap fabric)and do the other style...