Wednesday, March 21, 2007

'Hot' off the press!

Well the sewing world has been abuzz all day since we opened our inboxes this morning and found a message from Hot Patterns! I was beginning to wonder if any news would be coming from them soon, but I realized that they were pregnant at the last update and surely there's nothing to occupy your time like a newborn baby.

A pleasant surprise for everyone, I think, is that Hot Patterns has been collaborating with McCalls to create a line of No Sweat Easy Sew patterns – the fashion forwardness of Hot Patterns with the technical expertise of McCalls. This is beautiful music to the ears of anyone who tried to make sense of HP directions in the past.

Personally, I've had two interactions with HP that left something to be desired in the customer service department, and another very smooth transaction sandwiched in between. I like their designs though so I wish them success and will most likely purchase their patterns in the future.

The McCalls website shows line drawings which is such a great help when you are deciding if you want to purchase a pattern! However I do love the lanky, hips jutted, accessorized girls on the HP envelopes, and that's what really sells the pattern in my opinion.

My two favorites are:

The poet blouse

Work-appropriate, party-appropriate, many possibilities here. I also like how the girls are styled to look very punk-princess.

And, the good karma camisole

I was about to write this one off until I saw the line drawing – in particular I love the keyhole back version – very fun for the upcoming warm weather.

And well, okay, the cha-cha-cha long sleeved dress is growing on me…

Check Pattern Review in, oh, about 3 days, when the first of the reviews will start showing up!

Simplicity just released a few new patterns too, I'll get to those soon.


Sharon Sews said...

I just found your blog! I like it.

It was exciting news to read that HP partnered with McCalls. I'm a fan of the new cha-cha-cha dress. And you're probably right that the first of the reviews will show up on PR in about three days!