Saturday, March 24, 2007

Never thought I'd make a shirt printed with owls, but...

Ann at keeps posting more and more beautiful fabrics over at Gorgeous Things Fabrics... and somehow, somewhere, she found a stash of silk jersey prints! Silk jersey prints are pretty much impossible to find as a home sewer, believe me, I've looked. I managed to score a Betsey Johnson silk jersey print >1 year ago at my local fabric store, and since then, nada. I really like the dot abstract jerseys that Ann is offering, but I couldn't decide on a color, so I went for the stylized owl print, I am envisioning this as a fun summer blouse:

I also picked up some rayon/lycra jersey in deep plum:

And I'm planning to turn it into a McCall 5317 dress:

I went to Joann on Thursday evening because of the McCall & Vogue pattern sale. I was considering getting Vogue 8319, a jacket & dress pattern, but when I looked in the drawer, not only did they not have it, they didn't have any of the patterns numbered ~20 below it and above it. And it's not like this is some old pattern about to go OOP. When I asked a salesperson about it, she looked for it the same way I did then just shrugged and said they don't have it. The thing is, this is the SECOND time this has happened to me with a Vogue pattern at Joann!! Apparently boxes are falling off the trucks that make their Vogue pattern deliveries or something. Very unfortunate because that Joann is only a couple of miles from my house, the closest Hancock closed last year so if I want to go there, I have to trek way to the other side of town (which I won't do). Anyway, that is the end of my Joann rant for now :)

On to a more pleasant topic... Last week some of the discussion on the Pattern Review message boards led me to a site called Operated by, Print Sew lets you input your measurements and get a custom pattern download for select patterns from the Big 4 and many independent pattern companies. Included among the indies is Hot Patterns. I noticed that several of the Hot Patterns available for download are those that have actually been discontinued from the Hot Patterns website! I love sailor pants for the summer and I never see them in the Big 4 catalogs, so I was regretting not buying the HP Ahoy There Sailor Pants before they were yanked from the site. I saw this as a lucky second chance to get the pattern. On Thursday, Sewing Patterns had a special offer where with every new Hot Pattern that you purchased, you could get a free HP download. So it was a pretty easy decision for me to purchase the new Poetry in Motion blouse and get the Ahoy There pants as a free download.

Here is the pants pattern hot off my inkjet:

And glue-sticked together, ready for tracing.

No directions came with the pattern, but I think I'll be able to figure them out.


mermaids said...

love the owl fabric! i went to printsew, but did not see where one inputs their sizes. is there a size limit? most patterns do not come in my size. this could wickedly awesome if i fall within their size range.

Christina said...

Hi mermaids,

If you want to order a Hot Patterns pattern on Printsew, you click on the item, then there are fields where you fill in your height, bust, waist, and hip in inches (you may have to scroll to see these fields). The pieces that I printed out have some numbers on them, I think they are my my measurements in cm. I noticed for some other pattern companies, like McCall for example, you select the size range that you want (as if you were getting the multisized pattern in an envelope), so that doesn't seem custom.

Pooji said...

Hi Christina,
I just discovered your page and I'm hooked! I love all your creations! you are great sewing! they all look beautiful on you!

I just checked Gorgeous Things and they have more silk jersey...incase you want to check it out


edgertor said...

this fabric! it's by the artist Kenojuak Ashavak--i wonder if she licensed the print, or if the manufacturers ripped it off? I gave my parents a print of that owl a number of years ago.

if you still have any of the fabric and could part with it (as if!!!!) let me know, i adore her work and it would be fantastic to see it in silk jersey.